Ideas Time

We have been bouncing many ideas off of each other and we so far have the following:

  • A wearable RFID Oyster card interface
  • A dating wristband and badge combination that would display your heart rate and other vital information to other people
  • A Morse code interface for a smartwatch whereby a user can tap on the watch to sent messages
  • A social/music app where users could create music together by linking to a tablet
  • An airbag for smartphones to prevent drop damage
  • A restaurant interface that allows diners to communicate with the waiter/waitress when assistance is required
  • A “smartglove” with a built in RFID chip that allows exchange of information between wearers when shaking hands
  • A “smartglove” that can scan items when shopping. Could be used for compiling nutritional information which can be presented to the user to make informed eating choices, or it could be used as a way of purchasing items without having to go to the checkouts
  • A tyre change indicator that would provide a visual indicator when the pressure is too low. It would be capable of notifying a user via a notification such as SMS
  • A tech door that would be capable of recognising people such as delivery men, provides alerts if the door is not closed or locked correctly and would notify users if they missed someone who visited

How do we choose?


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