Paper prototypes 1/4 – Kevin & Dat’s version



This will be the first of four posts where we present our paper prototypes!

During the paper prototyping stage, we decided to temporarily split our group up and come up with our own variations of what we envisioned Foodgies to look and function like. As we were working separately, we had the freedom to come up with different features which gave us a diverse set of results. This meant that in the final low-fi prototype that we made, we were able to choose the most appropriate app features and produce a model which we believed to have the best logic flow.

This was Kevin’s and Dat’s:
We used a mixture of post-it notes and paper for this low-fidelity prototype!

When building this prototype, we were aiming for a simple and instinctive¬†navigation system. From our lectures we were made aware of the concept of ‘recognition rather than recall’ and this was something that we believed to be a major component to successful apps. Owing to this, we paid particular attention to the camera view and drew icons which we believed to be good metaphors for what they represented so that the affordances were intuitive.

Additionally, we placed emphasis on good user feedback so that when the user interacted with certain parts of the app (e.g. entering in email address and other details; or completing profile page), they would receive a clear response/message to their actions.


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