Round 1 of Prototype Testing

Earlier today we tested the paper prototype that we collectively designed to model our mobile app. We created a number of different tasks that we wanted the user to complete in order to help identify keys problems with the user interface. The areas we focused on were:

  • creating a new user account
  • adding food allergies of household members
  • scanning products to identify their allergy content

We performed testing with three people all who had different levels of experience with diet monitoring applications.

Overall, the impression that users gave us was quite positive. They were impressed with the simplicity of the app and the general ease of use for common tasks. However, one of the main areas which was identified as a weakness was in changing up the active users mid shop which was confusing for all of our users; they later told us that the “hamburger” wasn’t an obvious way to achieve this. Other things which were noted were that some elements such as info bars appeared to be tappable when in fact they were not.

We are going to use this feedback to make a number of changes including the following:

  • changing the hamburger icon to a “swap users” button
  • reposition some of the feedback bars so that it is less likely to be perceived as tappable
  • more visibility on the capture screen of who is being shopped for
  • relabelling of some buttons to make it clearer as where they take would take the user

We will perform another round of testing with these new changes before we move to the final stage of prototyping where we will produce a high-fidelity prototype.


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