And the winner is…

…not us unfortunately ūüė¶

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Earlier today we presented our product to a panel of judges as part of a mini-competition with our fellow classmates. There were 8 groups in total each offering something different, ranging from bike safety equipment to personal health applications.

There were some interesting and innovative products on display and ultimately Droplets, a customised insulin pump with accompanying smartphone applications, came out the winners.

However, all was not lost! We were the runners-up in the competition, receiving many positive comments from the judges.

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The experience has been valuable and the judges have given us much to think about in terms of improvements we could make to the functionality, interface and infrastructure of the app.


“Lights, camera, action!”


As part of our product presentation, we thought of shooting a small promo video which would highlight some of Foodgies best features and replicate a scenario where the application could be used.
We asked permission to shoot different scenes of our video inside Goldsmiths University and picked the small market shop next to the cafeteria as our main location.

Kevin is busy answering all his emails when suddenly he receives a mobile text.
It is his brother asking him to bring some snacks on the way back home, also reminding him of his allergy to nuts.
In attempt to please his brother request, Kevin enters a shop and quickly heads towards the snack section. Soon he realizes how difficult and frustrating is the process of checking food labels. Just before losing his patience, another person approaches the same section while talking on the phone. Kevin overhears the latter’s conversation and finds out the guy has a similar task to complete.
However, differently from Kevin, he uses a phone app to scan each product bar code and in a matter of seconds he is able to identify which products are suitable for his shop.
As Kevin sees what just happened, he promptly ask the guy for more information about that application called Foodgies.
Now, thanks to the app, Kevin feels more confident when shopping for someone with allergies or intolerances.


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Kevin, main character                                        Dat, Foodgies expert


Promo Video :


High Fidelity Prototype Testing (and v2.0)

As we’re using an iterative approach to design we performed yet another round of testing with users to gather feedback about the design. With each round of feedback we have found it rather interesting to observe the various points that people have identified with the prototypes with problems noted become increasingly specific and fine-grained. Hopefully this means we are on track with our design and that the eventual product will be a highly usable app.

The noted issues in the version were mainly in specific UI elements that behaved differently than expected or indicated something that they weren’t intended to do. They included the following:

  • ¬†The indicators on the new change members section which showed green for a currently active shopping member and red for an inactive member were found to be confusing for some users with them being interpreted as¬†indicating the suitable
  • When tapping on some buttons (the Foodgies Family button on the main menu in particular) the animation showed a “slide right” animation which gave a false impression of the order of action since it looks like the app is going back instead of forwards to a new screen. This was disorienting some users
  • On the select members screen at the start of the shopping trip, though the checkboxes could be tapped to add/remove members, users found they couldn’t tap on the names of members to perform these actions

To resolve these issues the second version of the high fidelity was modified to include the following:

  • The change member indicator were changed to show a green ringed circle with a white background for active and grey for inactive
  • The animations for various screen transitions were modified to wipe in the direction that better made sense in terms of the app’s overall hierarchy
  • The names on the member select screen now perform the same function as the checkboxes when adding and removing members from a shopping session

The updated (and likely final version) of the prototype can be found at the same link as before which