Foodgies Brochure

For the final presentation of our application, we had to create a brochure for Foodgies.

The brochure had the following contents:

  1. Overview
  2. Features
  3. Function

This task of creating a brochure for our application was surprisingly easy as all the work we’ve done so far since the beginning helped focus our ideas and features we wanted to integrate in Foodgies.

From the project description and project requirements, it helped clarify an overview of the type of application we wanted to create, to the multiple wireframes that we kept iterating over until we felt that we had the right features/functionalities our group first envisioned when coming up with our application.

The brochure came out looking like this:



High Fidelity Wireframing

After going through the first rounds of paper prototyping and then finalising the final wireframe of our product, we decided to create a quick high fidelity version of that wireframe so that when it came to creating the high fidelity prototype, we had a better gauge of the look and feel.

To create the high fidelity wireframe, we used Figma (an interface design tool with real-time collaboration) that allowed us to iterate faster and spend more time on the more complex/challenging issues.

Sign In Page

Profile Screens





Menu Screens

Paper Prototypes 3/4 – Will’s version


For my version the Foodgies prototype I split into two parts: the on-boarding experience and the core functionality.

For the on-boarding experience I tried to keep it simple so that any new users would be able to sign up and get into the app quickly.

The design of the core functionality with a focus on keeping actions to the lower half of the screen so that all buttons/interactions can be accessed on one hand, for example, adding users for filtering, capture function, and menu settings are all on the lower middle/right.