And the winner is…

…not us unfortunately ūüė¶

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Earlier today we presented our product to a panel of judges as part of a mini-competition with our fellow classmates. There were 8 groups in total each offering something different, ranging from bike safety equipment to personal health applications.

There were some interesting and innovative products on display and ultimately Droplets, a customised insulin pump with accompanying smartphone applications, came out the winners.

However, all was not lost! We were the runners-up in the competition, receiving many positive comments from the judges.

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The experience has been valuable and the judges have given us much to think about in terms of improvements we could make to the functionality, interface and infrastructure of the app.


Foodgies Brochure

For the final presentation of our application, we had to create a brochure for Foodgies.

The brochure had the following contents:

  1. Overview
  2. Features
  3. Function

This¬†task of creating a¬†brochure for our application was surprisingly easy¬†as all the work we’ve done so far since the beginning helped focus our ideas and features we wanted to integrate in Foodgies.

From the project description and project requirements, it helped clarify an overview of the type of application we wanted to create, to the multiple wireframes that we kept iterating over until we felt that we had the right features/functionalities our group first envisioned when coming up with our application.

The brochure came out looking like this: